One Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323




One Bedroom Condos For Sale – If you’re searching for a one bedroom condominium for sale then here’s some info about Metropica that may be of interest to you.

1 Bedroom – 767 Square Feet – Floor Plan Layout

1 Bedroom condos for sale floor plan layout

  • Below are some of the features that you can expect from a new condo in Metropica.

Features of these Homes For Sale Florida

It’s worth mentioning that these condominiums will be designed by a well known interior decorator, which explains why many of the building’s features have strong artistic components.

  • For starters, the bedroom and living room areas feature imported porcelain tiles to provide a calm, but sophisticated atmosphere.

Also, the building has well positioned windows which are designed to allow its occupants to enjoy incredible sunsets, while enjoying the vibrance of urban living.

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In terms of space and accessibility, the condos are designed using open floor plans, and features floor-to-ceiling glass windows as well as smooth-finish 9′ to 10′ ceilings in all living areas.

  • Furthermore, spacious terraces with glass as well as aluminum railings offer direct access from living areas as well as wrap-around terraces.

 One Bedroom Condos For Sale:  937 – 938 Square Feet – Floor Plan Layout

1 Bedroom condos for sale floor plan layout photo image

As for utility, the condo offers spacious walk-in closets in the master bedroom, pre-wired high speed communications as well as Smart Home technologies integrated into the building’s amenities and concierge services.

  • All of these features are designed to make your life easier and provide you with quality value for your money.

The Kitchen

So what can you expect from the kitchen? Well, for starters, there’s imported tile floors and backsplashes. These features are further improved with the inclusion of contemporary European style cabinetry as well as imported quartz countertops, both of which offer a certain contemporary appeal.

However, the best features of the kitchen are the stainless steel appliances, including its counter-depths, cooktops, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and French door refrigerators.

  • Oversized stainless steel,
  • zero-radius,
  • square edge sinks,
  • and designer plumbing fixtures…

…are also included for additional convenience.

Each of these appliances are designed to make cooking and food storage more convenient. So if you consider the kitchen a very important part of your home then you’ll be pleased by these features.

1 Bedroom Condominiums For Sale – 1242 Square Feet – Floor Plan Layout

1 bedroom condos for sale floor plan layout photo image

The Bathrooms

Finally, there are the bathrooms. These have imported porcelain tiles as well as premium contemporary cabinetry.

  • They also have designer plumbing fixtures as well as important vanity tops and full-sized mirrors.

In the master bathroom, double sinks, oversized tubs and frame-less glass enclosed showers are also available for added convenience.

  • So if you enjoy a good bath then you will definitely enjoy these features.

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Real Estate Newsletter Service for Metropica Condos For Sale



Real Estate Newsletter Service – A Metropica community email reporting update alert for future condo buyers and related businesses inside this new neighborhood.

Not only does this newsletter entertain and educate, but this real estate email newsletter service also connects everyone with the entire neighborhood…

  • …including Managers and Owners of businesses that will be located within the larger Metropica community
Real Estate Newsletter Service by Metropica Homes For Sale Florida photo images
Real Estate Email Newsletter Service

In addition, this free newsletter service always informs condominium and home owners and helps them become one huge family.

Subscribing to the newsletter has several advantages, key among them…

  • circulating information about the community,
  • and in the process bringing the community together.

It is very fast and easy to subscribe…enter your name, email address, and click Subscribe…

Indeed, when future Metropica community members establish connection, they are able to contribute to the community in a more positive way.

  • Certainly, this improves all condo owners’ property value a great deal and helps them stay ahead.
  • The focus is local real estate in Sunrise Florida 33323 and real estate USA in general.

Besides being connected through this real estate newsletter service, Metropica condo community members can share invaluable tips, in essence enabling members to make better and more informed decisions and choices.

  • This is one of the great real estate newsletters for clients.
  • This is one of the best real estate websites for Metropica Homes For Sale Florida

Apart from learning how perform errands in the right way, our real estate monthly newsletter readers also save themselves agonies and the time normally associated with doing something wrong.

  • Don’t be surprised to connect with people whom you share the same interests.
  • Newsletters are great!”

A good example is how to choose the right neighborhood or the right house or how to go about if you are selling or buying a condo.

This real estate newsletter service can also help members keep abreast with tidbits and what is happening in the neighborhood.

The newsletter can remind members of discounted coupons on certain days of the week or even remind some of a fun happy hour in their locality.

Subscribers can also be brought up to speed on various changes in their line of business, new products, or services in the local market.

In addition, if real estate property values are changing, subscribers would be alerted and updated fast and easy.

Lastly, this real estate newsletter service can afford members a forum, like letters to the editor, that allow them discuss anything influencing the community and offer dissenting opinion.

  • In so doing, the letter helps diffuse tense moments among members and its leaders.

What questions comments or questions do you have about one of the best real estate newsletters?

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I’m a Real Estate Agent with access to listings and other real estate property for sale.

We are one of South Florida’s friendliest international real estate companies…in other words, we can help in several different languages.

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2 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323



2 Bedroom Condos For Sale – If you currently want to upgrade from a rental to a home you can call yours, our two bedroom condominiums have it all just for you.

  • Keep reading and you will discover even more luxuries that will have you wanting to move tomorrow.

The name of this new condo community with two bedroom condominiums for sale is: Metropica

The open floor plan lets you enjoy unobstructed views of the setting sun as it goes down behind an equally beautiful Everglades skyline.

Two Bedroom Condos – 1191 Square Feet

2 bedroom condos for sale floor plan layout photo image

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows which seamlessly blend with 9-foot smooth finish ceilings installed in all living spaces…all of this gives our two bedroom condos for sale a very modern feel.

The atmosphere is made even better by the integration of spacious terraces with glass and aluminum railings

  • these are accessible from the condo’s living areas.

Shifting your attention from the walls and ceiling and onto the floor, you can’t help but notice the quality of the imported porcelain tiling which covers floor spaces in the living room and bedroom areas.

Thanks to the ingenuity of a famous interior designer, you will live with the convenience of a spacious walk-in closet albeit in the master bedroom only.

  • Additional features include pre-wiring for hi-speed Internet and other communications.

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For most condo buyers, the kitchen and bathrooms determine whether or not a home is worth buying.

For this particular condominium for sale, the kitchen features imported porcelain tile floors, premium European style cabinetry in contemporary fashion, quartz counter-tops, and designer plumbing fixtures.

If you are not so sure about what designer plumbing fixtures are, try to imagine good looking faucets and matching sinks.

In this sense, the designer did a good job selecting the kitchen appliances. All of them are stainless steel and just to name a few, you will have a…

  • French-door refrigerator,
  • counter-depth,
  • cook-top and oven,
  • a dishwasher,
  • and a microwave.

The bathroom shares a lot in design with the kitchen and other rooms inside Metropica’s condominiums. It obviously has a floor graced by imported porcelain tiling and premium contemporary cabinetry.

Two Bedroom Condos – 1818 Square Feet

Two bedroom condos for sale layout floorplans photo images

Unique to the bathrooms are imported stone vanity tops and full size mirrors which are expected of any contemporary home. The master bathroom has a double sink, an oversized tub, and frameless glass enclosed shower.

What more could you ask for when buying 2 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323?

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3 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323



3 Bedroom Condos For Sale – Discover the best condominiums in the area. A great home with the right location, range of features, affordability and much more.

You should take some time and find a home that really meets your needs. And if you aren’t the patient type or you lack the necessary skill then you may end up getting a bad deal.

Fortunately, we have just the right condo for you. In fact, you will want to call this one home sooner-rather-than-later once you see it.

  • Discover Metropica, but first take a look at this beautiful floor plan layout.

Three Bedroom Condos For Sale  floor plan layout photo image

Discover the Features

The three bedrooms and living area in Metropica’s condos are covered with imported porcelain tiles all over making the home not only elegant but also trendy.

You will love the sunset views and magnificent South Florida weather.  Imagine the beautiful and natural environment that surrounds your new home.

Metropica’s 3 bedroom condos for sale have been decorated by a seasoned and well-known interior decorator…

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Featuring an open floor plan, the living area has 10-feet ceilings. The floor-to-ceiling windows are fitted with smooth glass windows measuring 9 inches.

There is a spacious wrap-around terrace that features aluminum rails and glass windows, and can easily be accessed from the living areas.

If you worry about space in the master bedroom then this home is definitely what you need.

  • The walk-in closets are quite spacious and can accommodate large volumes.

The entire building has been pre-wired with high-speed communication cables, and guarantees you effective, quality, and uninterrupted communication while in your new home.

Smart-home technologies have been incorporated in the professional concierge services as well as the building amenities.


  • The kitchen is covered with backsplashes and imported porcelain tiles all over the floor.
  • Premium European styling bring out a contemporary look on the cabinets
  • Use of imported quartz on the countertops makes the kitchen more functional and also elegant
  • There is an oversized zero-radius square edge sink made of stainless steel
  • Designer appliances made from stainless steel, French-door refrigerator, oven and cooktop, dishwasher and microwave
  • Designer plumbing fittings and fixtures


  • The bathroom comes with premium modern cabinets and is adorned by beautiful and imported porcelain tiles throughout
  • Imported vanity tops made of stone, designer plumbing fittings, and full-sized mirrors
  • The master bathroom comes with double sink
  • The shower enclosure features frameless glass and an oversized tub

All of the above features make Metropica 3 bedroom condos for sale in Sunrise, FL not only practical for comfortable living but also elegant.

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How To Buy And Flip A House – Your Step By Step Plan



How To Buy And Flip A House – Flipping a house or condo involves a person purchasing a house at a price less than the market price and then selling this house after a short period at a profit.

How do you flip a house photo images

Flipping is different from real estate development investment as you can sell the condo or house when it is not ready for occupancy.

  • By making smart decisions, you can earn huge amounts of profits on each flip.

The following step by step plan reviews the things to consider so that you have the best chance at a huge profit realization.

First and foremost you should purchase the house at a smart price.

  • This is made possible by familiarizing yourself with how to buy a home before the actual purchase.

If you have never bought a home before, you should seek consultation from a real estate agent as well as a financial adviser.

You will need to follow the steps that are involved in the purchase of houses such as…

  • placing an offer,
  • getting a mortgage,
  • removing conditions,
  • and finally taking possession.

Then you should develop a timeline that will guide you on the right time to selling your property.

  • You should note where you expect renovations and regularly review your progress.

Side note: If you don’t want to be troubled with the high cost of repairs, it might be easier for you to make money with “pre construction condo investment”.

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How To Buy And Flip A House (continued)

Fixing the house will help in improving the appearance of the house and making it easier to sell at a higher price.

You should do the important repairs first and then finish with the minor repairs to ensure that the money you have budgeted is well spent.

The final step involves the actual selling of the house.

  • You should first stage the house.
  • This is due to the fact that staged houses sell quicker as compared to unstaged houses.

You should work to make sure the house appeals to many customers. Then you should discuss the sale of the house with all of the potential buyers.

You can advertise the house through the social media in order to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

You must set the selling price at a higher price than your buying price plus any expenses you incurred in fixing the house.

After the sale, count how much money you earned. Then…repeat all of these flipping steps from start to finish and earn more money.

Yes, you can begin flipping houses for a living!

How To Buy And Flip A House – Questions and Comments?

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Best Places To Buy Second Home Discover Metropica in Florida



Best Places To Buy Second Home – Which property markets ought to have your consideration for second home? Spain, Colombia, Turkey, and Sunrise, Florida.

  • The world is alive with businesses growing and markets profiting from the solid dollar.
  • Here are places where you could get an incredible arrangement on a second home in the sun.

This could be for your occasional get away that you could rent out when you’re not utilizing it yourself, or maybe one of these great cities could be your choice for retirement.

Each of these best places to buy second home additionally qualifies as a top retirement choice…

METROPICA – Sunrise, Florida USA

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Best places for second homes is Metropica photo images

Here are a few more locations to consider when buying a second home for investment…


Prices for properties in Spain are currently unstable and thus making it the best time to invest in a second home here.

  • The best location to focus when buying a home in Spain is Malaga in the center of the Costa del Sol town.

The place has some charm and natural appeal. Prices are fair going for as low as 3,000 Euros per square meter which is suitable especially if you are buying in Dollars.


The second of the best places to buy second home is in Colombia. Especially in Medellin which has seen good appreciation over the last six years.

Medellin is one of the most appealing and breath taking places in the world. With its…

  • temperate climate,
  • good infrastructure,
  • and a great culture…

…Colombia is a good place to own a home.

One could also invest in an apartment in Medellin to use as a second home and rent it out when you leave. Property prices are steady and are starting from 2,300 Dollars per square meter.


Despite its property market gaining significant value, Turkey remains a good bargain compared to other property values.

Istanbul specifically is the best town to own a home because its population often consists of young people.

  • Turkey’s economy is growing.
  • It is becoming easier for foreigners to invest there now.

The safest investment opportunity for a home in Istanbul is in the pre-constructed apartments in the city. With prices starting from 1,000 dollars per square meter, and constantly rising as high as 10% yearly.

A second home is a great deal especially if it is in a nice environment. Great places make a family happy and with peace of mind.

One should consider certain factors before investing in a second home.

These factors include…

  • the climate,
  • culture,
  • social,
  • economic,
  • and even political conditions.

These are a few of the best places to buy second homes and they’re all great locations for holidays and for family retreats (and for retirement).

More Information?

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Penthouse Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323



Penthouse Condos For Sale – Discover floor plan layout photo images and learn exactly how you can buy luxury, preconstruction homes for sale Florida.

Typically, a penthouse is an apartment or condo that occupies the top floor of a building. It’s normally a luxurious home that offers a fine view of the surrounding area.

Penthouse For Sale – 2,088 Square Feet

Penthouses for sale photo images of floor plan layouts

It is commonplace in many high rise condos that cost more than most homes to acquire. In some cases, it occupies an entire floor of the building. Many people regard a penthouse as luxurious real estate that is very expensive to buy or rent.

In terms of architecture, a penthouse is a homes’ (structure) that occupies less than half of the top floor or roof. As time passed, both the history and architecture of these building have transformed.

Initially, a penthouse only housed the mechanics that controlled…

  • …the cooling,
  • elevator,
  • heating,
  • and other systems…

…that made the building functional. It was never considered high-end real estate because it looked like a shack.

However, things changed in the 1920s when the American economy expended and Americans decided to create luxury condos and apartments on the top floors.

The first penthouses made news and this made people grow fond of them. With time, developers and builders decided to make them must-have features of high rise buildings.

  • Some building owners even decided to leave out more than one top floor for building penthouses.

In the modern world, people only associate penthouse condos for sale with luxury. Usually, it has a lavish size, several levels, and other outdoor features such as a patio or terrace.

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Other qualities that make it standout are beautiful fittings, meticulous interior designs, expensive flooring, high-end appliances, and many more other unique items that fetch hefty sums of money.

Penthouse Condos For Sale – 2,910 Square Feet

Penthouse for sale floorplan photo images

The price of a penthouse can even fetch more than five times the cost of one apartment in the same building.

In general, the renting, leasing or ownership of such a penthouse property is only limited to the wealthiest people.

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Please Note: The pics of floor plan layouts above are preconstruction condos for sale in the new community of Metropica…located in beautiful Broward County, Florida in the city of Sunrise.

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Pre Construction Condo Investment Best Tips On How To Invest

Pre Construction Condo Investment is among the safest and long-term investor ideas you can ever think of. Discover these secrets and become a real estate guru.

Pre Construction Condo Investment in Homes For Sale Florida photo image
Invest in Construction at Metropica Homes For Sale Florida

There are a variety of gains attached to buying a pre construction condo; you may talk of acquiring a property with a low amount of about 5% down payment, in some cases the property value might appreciate before completion of the project among other benefits.

Pre Construction Condo Investment

…is subdivided into different categories…

  • primary residential/luxury
  • second home markets/investment

Here are the best tips on how to invest in Preconstruction Real Estate.

1. Assess the market area you’d love to invest

This aspect should be guided by your objectives of investment. The main determinants to look at are your personal goals, needs, what you can afford and what real estate financing options are available for purchase. All these should favor your desired standards.

2. Seek help from a real estate agent

There are professionals dealing with Investment/Second homes and luxury Preconstruction Real Estate investment. When in need of either real estate professional, these experts will help you to evaluate the opportunities currently available that you’d have probably not seen when alone. They might further give you advice on what deal is better.

3. Find Preconstruction Builders

Be sure to visit or contact pre construction builders to select the most appropriate project. You should work together to ensure that the selected choice can suit both parties. Most importantly, ensure the project meets all your needs.

click here to see the home I’m talking about

4. Select your project

This is the most critical segment. This is the reservation phase and it ranges between the first 3 to 6 months. It is also the pre-selling phase and the buyer is required to sign a contract.

5. Review and complete the purchase contract

A sales contract has to be signed. The requirements involve a refundable deposit from the buyer; in most cases it’s tabulated at 10% of the buying price. The contract is highly flexible in that, the buyer can decide to cancel the deal or not. However, it cannot be terminated when the payment exceeds 70% of the acquisition price.

Each new Pre Construction Condo Investment project is different and the terms for getting a refund on your deposit may be different…be sure to ask questions about this.

6. Review the documents with your accountant or lawyer

The buyer is given approximately 15 days to review his documents after closing the deal. Within that period, he/she may wish to terminate the deal or go on with it. Your lawyer or accountant will be of help at ensuring the set measures as per the agreed agreements have been met. When all is confirmed to be right, you’d be free to move to the next step.

7. Close the Contract

The buyer will be required to give 20% of the buying price amount. This will be less the paid deposit and it should be 18-24 months after submitting his/her hard contract. The period however depends on a country’s Preconstruction Real Estate Policies.

8. Close the deal

At this stage, the buyer will be offered a Certificate of Occupancy. By then the project would have been completed or about to be finished. The investor will be free to examine the asset and if he/she is satisfied, the deal would be set for closure. The balance would also be agreed upon in terms of completion.

Real Estate investing requires smart strategies to do it right. In the question of how to do Pre Construction Condo Investment the right way, the above guidelines and Metropica Homes For Sale Florida are a good place to start.

Comments or Questions

If you have any comments or questions about buying a pre construction condo or about other Florida homes for sale, please feel free to contact me today

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P.S. Here’s more general info about pre-construction.

How to Measure Square Footage of a Room?



How to Measure Square Footage of a Room? Here’s how the measurements are calculated for the pre construction condos for sale at Metropica homes for sale Florida.

At Metropica, any stated square footages, dimensions and other measurements reflected herein are based on preliminary pre-construction plans, which are subject to change without notice and will vary with actual construction.

how to measure square footage of a room image and photo

How to Measure Square Footage of a Room? Here’s How…

Any stated square footages, dimensions and other measurements of units are measured to the exterior boundaries of the exterior walls and the centerline of interior demising walls between units and will vary from the dimensions of the unit that would be determined by using the description and definition of the “Unit” as set forth in the Declaration of Condominium (the “Declaration”) for the Condominium (which generally only includes the interior airspace between the perimeter walls and excludes all interior structural components and other common elements).

This method of measurement is generally used in sales materials and is provided to allow a prospective purchaser to compare the units in the Condominium with units in other condominium projects that utilize the same method. Terraces, patios and balconies are not part of the unit.

Measurements and dimensions of rooms are generally taken at the farthest points of each given room (as if the room were a perfect rectangle), without regard for any cutouts, soffits or other variations. Accordingly, the square footage of the actual room will typically be smaller than the product obtained by multiplying the stated length and width.

click here if you want private and unpublished pricing information

For the square footage of the units based on the definition of “Unit” in the Declaration, refer to Exhibit “2” to the Declaration included in the Condominium Documents.

Each purchaser is advised that there are various methods for calculating the square footage of a Unit, and that, depending on the method of calculation, the quoted square footage of a Unit in advertising materials may vary from the square footage quoted in the Prospectus and Declaration.

In other words, whenever someone asks how to measure square footage of a room…keep in mind there are a few different ways to do this calculation.

The dimensions of the Unit shown in these floor plans have been calculated from the exterior boundaries of the exterior walls to the centerline of interior demising walls, including common elements such as structural walls and other interior structural components of the building, and in fact vary from the dimensions that would be determined by using the description and definition of the “Unit” set forth in the Prospectus and Declaration. The area of the Unit as defined in the Prospectus and Declaration is less than the square footage reflected here.

Measurements of rooms set forth on this floor plan are generally taken at the greatest points (as if the room were a perfect rectangle), without regard for any cutouts, meaning the usable area of the actual room will typically be smaller than calculated by multiplying the length times width.

All dimensions are approximate; may vary with actual construction; and are subject to development plans which may change. The furnishings and décor illustrated or depicted are not included with the purchase of the Unit. See Prospectus for information on what is offered with the Unit and the Unit square footage and dimensions.

So, that’s how to measure square footage of a room at Metropica preconstruction condos and homes for sale Florida.


As always, I’m ready to answer your questions…just contact me anytime. Have a great day!

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What Is Equal Housing Opportunity?



What is Equal Housing Opportunity image and photo

What Is Equal Housing Opportunity?

Here’s how the Metropica Homes For Sale Florida blog answers this question.

The blog is pledged to the letter and spirit of the United States of America policy for the achievement of equal housing throughout the Nation.


We Encourage and Support…

  • an affirmative advertising,
  • marketing,
  • and sales program..

…in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of…

  • race,
  • color,
  • sex,
  • religion,
  • handicap,
  • familial status,
  • or national origin.

Comments or Questions or Concerns?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about “What Is Equal Housing Opportunity?” and its definition, please feel free to contact me today

I’m always available to assist you and your family experience the excitement of homeownership. Have a great day!

Warm regards,


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