First Time Home Buyer Advice for Homes For Sale Florida



First Time Home Buyer Advice – Get important tips before making a major decision to buy property for sale. These suggestions will keep you peaceful and happy.

Hello again…Kevin here…

…and now it’s time for an easy review of things to keep in mind when getting rid of your monthly rent and experiencing the joys of home ownership.

Home Buying Process

Buying a new home can be a challenging process especially for first-time buyers. First-time real estate buyers sometimes get tempted to quickly buy the first house they see and that is within their price range.

To help you get the best out of your home purchase, this article gives you the best tips for Florida first time home buyers.

In other words, what you should consider before and during the buying process itself.

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What To Consider Before Buying

It is important to first consider your long term plans. Is homeownership part of your plans?

If yes, then you can consider transforming the rent payments to a mortgage payment that makes you a happy homeowner.

Below are a few things to consider before buying property for sale…

Type of Home

There is several options of residential property that are available to choose from, for example,

  • a condo (also known as a condominium)
  • townhouse
  • a single family home

Examine each type and choose the type of home that suits…

  • your plan,
  • you and your family,
  • and matches your home ownership goals

Keep some level of flexibility as you decide on the specific features of your desired home and that it closely fits your wants and needs.

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Mortgage Help to Buy

Get to know in advance how much mortgage (home loan) you qualify for before you start looking for the property.

Inquire how much you can get from the lenders for financing your first home.

The amount of mortgage you get from lenders is largely dependent on your income and other debts that are still owed to you.

It is important to know the amount of the down payment that you can afford and also keep in mind the other costs such as…

  • homeowner’s insurance cost
  • real estate property taxes
  • house improvement cost (renovation)
  • maintenance costs

Real Estate Agent

Consider getting assistance from a real estate agent. The agent will help you locate a home that meets your goals and is within your target price.

The agents are professionals that can also assist you during the entire buying process that includes making your offer and completion of all the paper work.

All of this saves you the time, energy, and effort.

Buying Process for First Time Home Buyer Advice

This section tries to explore all that is expected during the buying process.

It is a time when offers and counter-offers are expected.

However, preparation helps you go through the process without going crazy. Here are basic expected steps…

1. Decide on the home

Seek lots of opinions before you choose the house to purchase.

Consult you real estate agent, friends, search for online listings or even visit the neighborhoods during the day and at night.

The buying process will only begin after you find the home you want.

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2. Home inspection

Having decided on the home you want to buy, get a trained professional to inspect the property for safety, quality, and overall conditions.

This is very important first time home buyer advice! 

If the inspection uncovers hidden danger then the seller should make repairs before you make an offer. Otherwise proceed to make an offer.

3. Make an offer

Your agent will assist you in helping you make the right decisions on how to offer and the conditions to ask for.

What follows next is the acceptance of offer or counter offer. The offer will be changed until you and the seller reach an agreement.

The deal will be closed by both the seller and the buyer signing the documents.

Conclusion of First Time Home Buyer Advice

The tips above should help you get started in filling the gaps in your home buying knowledge.

Remember, knowing the process beforehand will help you get a home that you desire without any trouble.

Comments or Questions

If you have any comments or questions about my first time home buyer advice, buying pre construction homes, or about other Florida homes for sale, please feel free to contact me today

I’m always available to help you and your family experience the joys of homeownership. Have a great week!

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Best WhatsApp Group To Join – Metropica Update Chat



Best WhatsApp Group To Join – Thinking about buying a condo for sale in Metropica? Ask your questions and get answers fast. Chat with other future residents.

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…I’m your host on the Metropica Update Chat Group. What is this?

It’s one of the best places to get breaking news about pre construction condominiums for sale in Metropica and news alerts about this new, dream community.

  • Join Free

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Who should join this chat group?

  • Home buyers looking for condos for sale
  • Anyone thinking about buying a condominium
  • Managers and Owners of businesses that will be located within the Metropica community

Join WhatsApp Group Online

How do you join? It’s very, very, easy…

It is very fast and easy to subscribe…enter your name, email address, and click Subscribe…

Why Join Metropica Update Chat Group?

There are many great reasons why this is the best whatsapp group to join. Take a look below at a few of them…

This is a very good way to keep in touch and chat with family members, friends, co-workers, or new (future) neighbors…all who have decided to buy one or more condos for sale in Metropica.

Real Time Messaging – Get fast and easy answers to your questions in real-time using multi-media (photos and videos).

  • Ask questions using text, audio, or voice options.

You can use longer messages than other apps such as Twitter – whose messages are limited to a maximum number of 140 characters. WhatsApp is better!

  • In other words, it’s a better choice than email or short text messaging.

It provides privacy and personal chatting better than other apps. This privacy is very important to current members of this group.

  • It’s the easiest way to post an idea, and to share or get blog posts about Metropica.
  • There’s no need to do a whatsapp mobile number search or search by name…just use
  • This is one of the best ways to get daily, weekly, and monthly updates.

You will know when the group receives your WhatsApp messages.

  • There are usually two, blue ‘check marks’ next to your sent message when it is delivered.
  • Messages in English (Spanish coming soon!)

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Join WhatsApp Group for Fun

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Homes For Sale Florida – Improve Your Address Buy Metropica



Homes For Sale Florida – Improve your status when buying a preconstruction condo for sale in Metropica. Make everyone jealous with a luxury home of your dreams.

Hey there…Kevin here…

Let’s talk about Metropica and how your next change of address will cause your friends, relatives, and co-workers to envy you and become very, very jealous.

A Dream Residential Community

This address of fantasy is more than just a place to live; it’s a dream community. Here, residents and homeowners will reflect on their individual aspirations and surroundings.

metropica homes for sale florida photo image

Located in the city of Sunrise…just minutes off the shores of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County…

…your new address will be a modern, urban community that offers an abundance of top-tier amenities including nightlife, concerts, BB&T center, and much more.

  • the ultimate in homes for sale florida and second homes

The Amenities of these Condominiums For Sale

There will always be something to do in this new city-within-a-city. In addition…

  • Residents will have access to the best, most innovative health and fitness facilities.

A resort styled Beach Club…inspired by South Beach-culture will offer a stunning oasis to enjoy.

  • VIP pool access,
  • lounge chairs,
  • beverage service,
  • and pool-side food

…will make every trip to your Beach Club feel like a vacation.

Metropica Vision

When this dream neighborhood was planned, the mission was to recreate and redefine modern urban lifestyle.

The creators of this community thought outside the box, beyond luxury, beyond breathtaking views, beyond the newest and greatest technology, and top of the line amenities.

  • discover homes for sale florida and your future address of distinction

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Work and Play Co-Exist

In this dynamic, reimagined community, work and play co-exist seamlessly. Life takes place in many forms.

Here, you will have access to restaurants offering a variety of cuisines including regional and international dishes.

Boutique shops and brand name retailers will line the high-fashion shopping center, and there will be no shortage of outdoor green spaces.

The shared community spaces are complemented by easy access to the rest of the city.

Even better, the community has been carefully planned to be pedestrian-friendly (in other words, foot-traffic is welcome), this will allow every resident to be just steps away from home.

  • Big Homes For Sale…
  • one bedrooms,
  • two bedrooms,
  • three bedrooms,
  • and penthouses for sale

Outdoor Spaces

All of the green, outdoor spaces are expertly designed and landscaped with lush native greenery. The attention to detail in these green spaces incorporates both South Florida’s natural beauty with a modern, urban flair.

In these spaces, residents can enjoy biking, walking, hiking, and running. Outdoor play areas will be perfect for children, and Wi-Fi stations can be found all around to make staying connected easier to do.

Revolutionizes Human Modernism in Condos For Sale

With access to the best luxuries and spaces, this dream community is revolutionizing human modernism.

This movement is building new cities as destinations not just neighborhoods, which increases the integration and richness of everyone’s lives.

The blend of reality and functionality co-exists perfectly in this new South Florida community.

Live the life you were meant to have when you join the Metropica community.

Comments or Questions about Property For Sale

If you have any comments or questions about buying a condo or other homes for sale in florida, please feel free to contact me today…it’s always my pleasure to be of assistance to you and your family.

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Condos For Sale – Winners Have Discovered Yoo at Metropica



Condos For Sale – Find out why successful people are buying preconstruction luxury condominiums and you will discover the ultimate  to buy.

Hello there…it’s me Kevin here…

Are you intending to buy a condominium or thinking of buying a condo?

condominiums for sale photo image
Yoo at Metropica

Let’s take a look at a Broward County, pre construction project called Yoo at Metropica in Sunrise, Florida USA.

  • This is one of the best places to buy second home

Yoo at Metropica – Tower 1

This luxurious, high-rise building will have 28 stories and a total of 263 residences whereas the units are a mixture of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, and penthouses.

These condos are built in a size range of 740 square feet – 1,379 square feet.  In other words, these are big homes for sale.

  • These condominiums will be due by 4th Quarter of 2016.

Property For Sale

Yoo at Metropica will have the best and most attractive amenities that successful people look for in an exclusive, master planned community.

The building amenities in the luxury homes of Tower 1 will have a resort-style pool with sun-shelf lounging area and a pool-side cabanas with shaded lounge areas.

They will have fully equipped 24-hour fitness center which will feature a multipurpose fitness studio.

There will be an indoor steam room, sauna, an indoor and outdoor massage therapy rooms…

…and for those who enjoy yoga, there will be an outdoor area for yoga classes.

In this era full of technology, Yoo at Metropica will have…

  • high-speed WiFi connection in all common areas
  • Starbucks coffee lounge
  • 24-hour concierge
  • security service

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Building Maintenance

You will not need to worry about maintenance. There will be full-time maintenance staff.

For those who like partying, there will be an indoor club-room with a bar, a lounge, a catering kitchen, an event or party space, and an outdoor summer kitchen with dining areas.

Games and Play Time

For those who like games, Yoo at Metropica will have outdoor cross-training facilities and a games area.

There will be two full size tennis courts and children’s indoor play areas.

There will be an indoor movie theater for those who enjoy watching movies.

You like biking? Metropica will have bike share and repair facility.

Do you own a pet? There will be indoor pet facilities including…

  • the ultimate in pet respite
  • dog grooming

In addition, Tower 1 will have an upgraded climate-controlled storage facilities.

Real Estate Property Management Services

Yoo at Metropica will go the extra mile by providing the latest technology for modern property management.

This means there will be resident package Concierge Program.

A rental program will be fully administered by an in-house real estate company for total convenience.

Million Dollar Homes

Only the penthouses for sale will rise above the million dollar price range, but the entire project will cause smart people to consider buying a second home for investment in Metropica.

Besides the exceptional building amenities, individual residence features will be exceptional too. They will have…

  • incredible sunset views of the Florida Everglades
  • urban lifestyle

By the end of the 4th Quarter of 2016, each of these Florida condos for sale will be fully-finished and designed by world-renowned design firm, YOO Design Studios.

The living room and bedroom areas will have imported porcelain tiles all over.

There will be open floor plans with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and smooth-finish 9’ or 10’ ceilings in all living spaces.

The residences will have spacious terraces with glass and aluminum railings that will be directly accessible from living areas.

  • They will have wrap-around terraces in all corner units.
  • Master bedrooms will have spacious walk in closets.

The condos will be pre-wired for high-speed communications not forgetting the smart-home technologies that integrate into the building amenities and professional concierge services.

Condo owners will have the option to select from two different base finish selections and various upgrade options.

These Florida condos for sale will have designer kitchens whereas the floors will have imported porcelain tiles and back-splashes all over the kitchens.

The kitchens will have premium contemporary European-style cabinetry of varying styles pre-selected by our design studio team, Yoo Design Studios.

The counter tops will be made of imported quartz with…

  • designer stainless steel appliances
  • including counter-depth
  • French-door refrigerator
  • cook top, oven, microwave, and dishwasher

The sinks will be an over-sized stainless steel with…

  • zero radius square edge and
  • designer plumbing fixtures by Hansgrohe

Bathroom Description

These condos for sale will have contemporary baths. Imported porcelain tiles will be used all over the bathrooms. There will be double sinks in all master baths and designer plumbing fixtures.

These bathrooms will have premium contemporary cabinetry and imported stone vanity tops. The mirrors will be full-sized.

In some selected residences, there will be over-sized tubs, frame-less glass-enclosed showers and a powder room.

Condos For Sale – Your Final Home Search

With all these exceptional features, you’ll understand that there’s real, luxury home value for your money in Yoo at Metropica.

Please keep in touch by commenting below or by contacting me by phone, email, text message, or WhatsApp.

Have a great week!

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Homes For Sale Florida



Metropica Homes For Sale Florida – Open your eyes, see a new level of pre construction luxury condos in Miami metropolitan area. Discover better than ordinary.

Hello…Kevin here…

and you’re reading my Special Metropica Review that answers the question…what is better than ordinary when it comes to luxury condominiums for sale in exclusive, new communities?property for sale - condos for sale image

Metropica is being built in one of the most attractive and appealing locations. Luxury condos here are built in the manner of a community oasis, but with close proximity to shopping and retail stores, and restaurants.

Let me jump in here for just a moment…when I say “close proximity”, I mean better than “walking distance”…I’m actually talking about “crawling distance”.

You’ve heard of “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well…please spend a few extra moments on this detailed web site and you will see Metropica is a one-of-a-kind city-within-a-city.

Better Than Walking Distance to Everything

When I say “crawling distance”, I mean you are in the middle of the…

  • exquisite dining experiences
  • high fashion shopping
  • health and wellness facilities

…all of this for your complete comfort.

This web site is an amazing description and each home owner or real estate investor wishes for such a place to retreat and rest and also to call home.

The Unique Location…

Consisting of 4,000,000 square feet of total project size, Metropica Homes For Sale Florda is located in a widespread area of Sunrise, Florida USA (near the world famous Florida Everglades).

This extraordinary pre construction condo investment offers

  • 2,250 residential units
  • two hotels of 120 rooms each
  • 650,000 square feet of office space

They deserve your attention, as they are built for safeness as well as classiness.

click here if you want private and unpublished pricing information

Recreational Activities

Also, it provides you with all sorts of high-quality recreational luxuries like…

  • landscaping
  • tennis clubs
  • mini-soccer field
  • car parking with 3,600 retail area parking spaces

Be sure to check every page of this web site as I explain all the community features provided, as the list is impressive.

Groundbreaking – When Does Construction Start?

This Metropica Homes For Sale Florida luxury project, expected groundbreaking in June 2015, is offering a community that will provide a retreat from the residential towers into a serene setting, as it is dedicated to the entire family and that will improve your lifestyle.

You can enjoy every day with a smile on your face and forget about other daunting, boring environments, and other property for sale.

Just imagine that every step you will take inside your home will be a pleasure.

Furthermore, remember that Metropica is a secure and happy place for your children to be raised in, as it is a quiet space and you can be at peace knowing they have a special play area.

WiFi and Green Space Everywhere

Outdoor wi-fi stations will surely enable enjoyment of green spaces for both children as well as adults.

Committed to the people, the 65-acre master planned development community, has chosen an area with ease of access, and developed infrastructure, in a high class, bright area.

Unmatched design, modern architecture and various amazing amenities will definitely help you to see the brighter future of a comfortable, high standard life.

A five-star health, wellness, and fitness facility and a resort-styled, South Beach Miami inspired “beach club” will surely bring back the pleasure of relaxation and also nightlife into your world.

Metropica Homes For Sale Florida offers top quality condominium homes, with attention to detail starting from… building to delivering them to the home buyers.

The energy, a main characteristic that always stands out, is what defines these condo homes.

So, enjoy 485,000 square feet of fashion, lifestyle, restaurants and entertainment that will surround your home and will add a touch of joy and glitz to your everyday life.

Please keep in touch by commenting below or by contacting me by phone, email, text message, or WhatsApp.

Have a great week!


Metropica Homes For Sale Florida