2 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323



2 Bedroom Condos For Sale – If you currently want to upgrade from a rental to a home you can call yours, our two bedroom condominiums have it all just for you.

  • Keep reading and you will discover even more luxuries that will have you wanting to move tomorrow.

The name of this new condo community with two bedroom condominiums for sale is: Metropica

The open floor plan lets you enjoy unobstructed views of the setting sun as it goes down behind an equally beautiful Everglades skyline.

Two Bedroom Condos – 1191 Square Feet

2 bedroom condos for sale floor plan layout photo image

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows which seamlessly blend with 9-foot smooth finish ceilings installed in all living spaces…all of this gives our two bedroom condos for sale a very modern feel.

The atmosphere is made even better by the integration of spacious terraces with glass and aluminum railings

  • these are accessible from the condo’s living areas.

Shifting your attention from the walls and ceiling and onto the floor, you can’t help but notice the quality of the imported porcelain tiling which covers floor spaces in the living room and bedroom areas.

Thanks to the ingenuity of a famous interior designer, you will live with the convenience of a spacious walk-in closet albeit in the master bedroom only.

  • Additional features include pre-wiring for hi-speed Internet and other communications.

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For most condo buyers, the kitchen and bathrooms determine whether or not a home is worth buying.

For this particular condominium for sale, the kitchen features imported porcelain tile floors, premium European style cabinetry in contemporary fashion, quartz counter-tops, and designer plumbing fixtures.

If you are not so sure about what designer plumbing fixtures are, try to imagine good looking faucets and matching sinks.

In this sense, the designer did a good job selecting the kitchen appliances. All of them are stainless steel and just to name a few, you will have a…

  • French-door refrigerator,
  • counter-depth,
  • cook-top and oven,
  • a dishwasher,
  • and a microwave.

The bathroom shares a lot in design with the kitchen and other rooms inside Metropica’s condominiums. It obviously has a floor graced by imported porcelain tiling and premium contemporary cabinetry.

Two Bedroom Condos – 1818 Square Feet

Two bedroom condos for sale layout floorplans photo images

Unique to the bathrooms are imported stone vanity tops and full size mirrors which are expected of any contemporary home. The master bathroom has a double sink, an oversized tub, and frameless glass enclosed shower.

What more could you ask for when buying 2 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323?

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3 Bedroom Condos For Sale in Sunrise FL 33323



3 Bedroom Condos For Sale – Discover the best condominiums in the area. A great home with the right location, range of features, affordability and much more.

You should take some time and find a home that really meets your needs. And if you aren’t the patient type or you lack the necessary skill then you may end up getting a bad deal.

Fortunately, we have just the right condo for you. In fact, you will want to call this one home sooner-rather-than-later once you see it.

  • Discover Metropica, but first take a look at this beautiful floor plan layout.

Three Bedroom Condos For Sale  floor plan layout photo image

Discover the Features

The three bedrooms and living area in Metropica’s condos are covered with imported porcelain tiles all over making the home not only elegant but also trendy.

You will love the sunset views and magnificent South Florida weather.  Imagine the beautiful and natural environment that surrounds your new home.

Metropica’s 3 bedroom condos for sale have been decorated by a seasoned and well-known interior decorator…

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Featuring an open floor plan, the living area has 10-feet ceilings. The floor-to-ceiling windows are fitted with smooth glass windows measuring 9 inches.

There is a spacious wrap-around terrace that features aluminum rails and glass windows, and can easily be accessed from the living areas.

If you worry about space in the master bedroom then this home is definitely what you need.

  • The walk-in closets are quite spacious and can accommodate large volumes.

The entire building has been pre-wired with high-speed communication cables, and guarantees you effective, quality, and uninterrupted communication while in your new home.

Smart-home technologies have been incorporated in the professional concierge services as well as the building amenities.


  • The kitchen is covered with backsplashes and imported porcelain tiles all over the floor.
  • Premium European styling bring out a contemporary look on the cabinets
  • Use of imported quartz on the countertops makes the kitchen more functional and also elegant
  • There is an oversized zero-radius square edge sink made of stainless steel
  • Designer appliances made from stainless steel, French-door refrigerator, oven and cooktop, dishwasher and microwave
  • Designer plumbing fittings and fixtures


  • The bathroom comes with premium modern cabinets and is adorned by beautiful and imported porcelain tiles throughout
  • Imported vanity tops made of stone, designer plumbing fittings, and full-sized mirrors
  • The master bathroom comes with double sink
  • The shower enclosure features frameless glass and an oversized tub

All of the above features make Metropica 3 bedroom condos for sale in Sunrise, FL not only practical for comfortable living but also elegant.

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Best WhatsApp Group To Join – Metropica Update Chat



Best WhatsApp Group To Join – Thinking about buying a condo for sale in Metropica? Ask your questions and get answers fast. Chat with other future residents.

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…I’m your host on the Metropica Update Chat Group. What is this?

It’s one of the best places to get breaking news about pre construction condominiums for sale in Metropica and news alerts about this new, dream community.

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Who should join this chat group?

  • Home buyers looking for condos for sale
  • Anyone thinking about buying a condominium
  • Managers and Owners of businesses that will be located within the Metropica community

Join WhatsApp Group Online

How do you join? It’s very, very, easy…

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This is a very good way to keep in touch and chat with family members, friends, co-workers, or new (future) neighbors…all who have decided to buy one or more condos for sale in Metropica.

Real Time Messaging – Get fast and easy answers to your questions in real-time using multi-media (photos and videos).

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Homes For Sale Florida – Improve Your Address Buy Metropica



Homes For Sale Florida – Improve your status when buying a preconstruction condo for sale in Metropica. Make everyone jealous with a luxury home of your dreams.

Hey there…Kevin here…

Let’s talk about Metropica and how your next change of address will cause your friends, relatives, and co-workers to envy you and become very, very jealous.

A Dream Residential Community

This address of fantasy is more than just a place to live; it’s a dream community. Here, residents and homeowners will reflect on their individual aspirations and surroundings.

metropica homes for sale florida photo image

Located in the city of Sunrise…just minutes off the shores of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County…

…your new address will be a modern, urban community that offers an abundance of top-tier amenities including nightlife, concerts, BB&T center, and much more.

  • the ultimate in homes for sale florida and second homes

The Amenities of these Condominiums For Sale

There will always be something to do in this new city-within-a-city. In addition…

  • Residents will have access to the best, most innovative health and fitness facilities.

A resort styled Beach Club…inspired by South Beach-culture will offer a stunning oasis to enjoy.

  • VIP pool access,
  • lounge chairs,
  • beverage service,
  • and pool-side food

…will make every trip to your Beach Club feel like a vacation.

Metropica Vision

When this dream neighborhood was planned, the mission was to recreate and redefine modern urban lifestyle.

The creators of this community thought outside the box, beyond luxury, beyond breathtaking views, beyond the newest and greatest technology, and top of the line amenities.

  • discover homes for sale florida and your future address of distinction

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Work and Play Co-Exist

In this dynamic, reimagined community, work and play co-exist seamlessly. Life takes place in many forms.

Here, you will have access to restaurants offering a variety of cuisines including regional and international dishes.

Boutique shops and brand name retailers will line the high-fashion shopping center, and there will be no shortage of outdoor green spaces.

The shared community spaces are complemented by easy access to the rest of the city.

Even better, the community has been carefully planned to be pedestrian-friendly (in other words, foot-traffic is welcome), this will allow every resident to be just steps away from home.

  • Big Homes For Sale…
  • one bedrooms,
  • two bedrooms,
  • three bedrooms,
  • and penthouses for sale

Outdoor Spaces

All of the green, outdoor spaces are expertly designed and landscaped with lush native greenery. The attention to detail in these green spaces incorporates both South Florida’s natural beauty with a modern, urban flair.

In these spaces, residents can enjoy biking, walking, hiking, and running. Outdoor play areas will be perfect for children, and Wi-Fi stations can be found all around to make staying connected easier to do.

Revolutionizes Human Modernism in Condos For Sale

With access to the best luxuries and spaces, this dream community is revolutionizing human modernism.

This movement is building new cities as destinations not just neighborhoods, which increases the integration and richness of everyone’s lives.

The blend of reality and functionality co-exists perfectly in this new South Florida community.

Live the life you were meant to have when you join the Metropica community.

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