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Homes For Sale Florida Video – Watch, see, and discover Metropica, a ground-breaking high-rise retreat featuring luxury condos and private penthouses.

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On this page, I dig deeper into a Florida, preconstruction condominium project called, Metropica, also known as Yoo at Metropica.

One of the fastest ways to get your quick Metropica review is to watch a short video presentation about this property for sale.

The Project Overview

The text below will give you an overview of…

  • the entire development,
  • its creators, and…
  • its team members

…or, you can simply click the play button on this video for a more enjoyable video viewing experience.

In this short Homes For Sale Florida video,

Joseph Kavana, the CEO of K-Group Holdings, Inc., explains,

  • “Metropica is like a dream community.”

“You’ll be able to have a very peaceful surrounding and at the same time go to a place where there’s going to be a beautiful shopping experience.”

In my opinion, shouldn’t you consider this before buying a condo?

Scott Leventhal, the President & CEO of The Thrillist Companies, Inc., adds,

  • “Everything is at your finger tips…shopping, dining, and fitness activities.”

Erick Collazo, the Managing Partner of Metropica Development, continues,

  • “Metropica is located in the center of the population of South Florida.”

“It’s surrounded by several parks. Great medical facilities, like the Cleveland Clinic. Great educational facilities.”

“The opportunity to go to a concert at the BB&T center, a hockey game, or basketball games.”

During your search for homes for sale florida, consider how quickly you can reach places for entertainment.

“We have assembled some of the most talented designers in the world. Starting locally with, Chad Oppenheim Associates.”

Chad Oppenheim, the Principal at Oppenheim Architecture + Design, adds,

  • “I wanted to do something there that was kind of tying together the notion of an urban center, but something really connected to nature.”

“I’m a huge fan of the Florida Everglades and it was really the inspiration behind the making of incredible natural environment within an urban setting…”

“…and the views are spectacular…it’s really like another coast line.”

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The Location – New Construction Broward County

“We are in the western boundary of Broward County. Going west after the Sawgrass Expressway…nothing can be built…so there is never going to be anything blocking your views,” says Mr. Kavana.

“We have these incredible sunsets and a lot of wonderful species of birds, plants, and animals.”

Douglas Smith, the President of EDSA, continues,

  • “The natural environment blends and really is part of the built environment.”

“But, bringing those together and showcasing that is going to be a fantastic expression of the project…creating an environment that will sustain well into the future.”

The Art in the Project

“We are doing a lot of art in public place…so we’re really excited about working with world-class artists.”

“There are going to be art pieces that you can interact with…that you are basically climbing all over the art…it’s a unique experience…it’s the opposite of a museum where you can’t touch anything.”

The Team Members

The team behind the homes for sale florida project has not only built in the city of Sunrise (Broward County, Florida).

Yoo Design Studios has completed…

  • over 75 residential projects,
  • in 33 countries,
  • constructing over 12,000 homes

“It’s an incredible creative group. They understand where that project is going to be built…what are the needs of the area.” Mr. Kavana continues.

Michael Delaney, the Senior Designer at Yoo Studio, adds,

  • “A sense of a ‘place’, for me, is really important when you’re designing, a building, and material.”

City + Suburbs

John Hitchcock, the Founder of Yoo Studio, adds, “In today’s village…it’s actually an urban village…”

“…and people are moving into particular ‘places’ to be with like-minded people…to be with people who have similar beliefs, have similar lifestyles…”

“…and that in a way, for me, is ‘place-making’, we’re making a ‘place’ for people to come and lead and enjoy their lives together.”

“It’s a blend of city life with suburban life, ” adds Mr. Kavana.

The Project Definition?

“Nothing defines Metropica better than saying, ‘It’s All Right Here!’”, ends Kavana.

I have to agree with the entire team responsible for such an unbelievable community. What more could you ask for when looking for condos for sale in florida?

Questions and Comments?

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