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Best Places To Buy Second Home – Which property markets ought to have your consideration for second home? Spain, Colombia, Turkey, and Sunrise, Florida.

  • The world is alive with businesses growing and markets profiting from the solid dollar.
  • Here are places where you could get an incredible arrangement on a second home in the sun.

This could be for your occasional get away that you could rent out when you’re not utilizing it yourself, or maybe one of these great cities could be your choice for retirement.

Each of these best places to buy second home additionally qualifies as a top retirement choice…

METROPICA – Sunrise, Florida USA

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Best places for second homes is Metropica photo images

Here are a few more locations to consider when buying a second home for investment…


Prices for properties in Spain are currently unstable and thus making it the best time to invest in a second home here.

  • The best location to focus when buying a home in Spain is Malaga in the center of the Costa del Sol town.

The place has some charm and natural appeal. Prices are fair going for as low as 3,000 Euros per square meter which is suitable especially if you are buying in Dollars.


The second of the best places to buy second home is in Colombia. Especially in Medellin which has seen good appreciation over the last six years.

Medellin is one of the most appealing and breath taking places in the world. With its…

  • temperate climate,
  • good infrastructure,
  • and a great culture…

…Colombia is a good place to own a home.

One could also invest in an apartment in Medellin to use as a second home and rent it out when you leave. Property prices are steady and are starting from 2,300 Dollars per square meter.


Despite its property market gaining significant value, Turkey remains a good bargain compared to other property values.

Istanbul specifically is the best town to own a home because its population often consists of young people.

  • Turkey’s economy is growing.
  • It is becoming easier for foreigners to invest there now.

The safest investment opportunity for a home in Istanbul is in the pre-constructed apartments in the city. With prices starting from 1,000 dollars per square meter, and constantly rising as high as 10% yearly.

A second home is a great deal especially if it is in a nice environment. Great places make a family happy and with peace of mind.

One should consider certain factors before investing in a second home.

These factors include…

  • the climate,
  • culture,
  • social,
  • economic,
  • and even political conditions.

These are a few of the best places to buy second homes and they’re all great locations for holidays and for family retreats (and for retirement).

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